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Kit Jack conector DB9 Hembra y Shell

Características   Capucha covertora plástica de 2 piezas para conectorD-Sub DB9 DB-9 Tipo de producto: Capucha + contacto DB9 hembra Material: Plástico Conectores: Cobre estañado Aleación de contacto con recubrimiento de oro Insolador termoplástico de níquel          

Mini cambiador de género DB9 Hembra / DB9 Hembra

Mini gender changer DB9 Female to DB9 Female. Cambiador de género DB9 Hembra a DB9 Hembra.                

Adaptador Bidireccional RS232 a RS485

Description Non-Powered RS 232 / RS 485 Interface Converter 232 to 485 ConverterFeatures Non-Powered RS 232 / RS 485 Interface ConverterProduct DetailsElectronic interface: At the side of RS-232 is a DB9 female (hole-type) connector. At the side of RS-485 is a DB9 male (needle-type) connector, with connection board.Uses with this item Adding an RS-...

Cable adaptador CONVERTER PRO USB 2.0 a RS485

Description:USB to RS-485 ConverterFeatures:Computer interface: USB 1.1/2.0 Plug and PlayOperational system virtual serial port driverField lnterfaces: RS-485 Half DuplexAutomatic flow control for RS485 Half DuplexTransmission rate: from 300bps to 1MbpsMaximum RS-485 cable length: 1200mMaximum number of devices in the RS-485 network: Half Duplex to...

Adaptador RS232 a RS485 aislación óptica

Description   HXSP-2108A converter is the communication converter which change RS-232 signal to RS-485 signal completely isolate. It has the strong drive capability which can drive max to 64 devices on the bus. The communication distance max up to 1000 meters. It is designed elegantly, easy to connect wire, convenient to use. It is widely used i...

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